Friday, April 26, 2013

What Got Me Here

I've been thinking long and hard about what got me into the situation I got into. What got me to this point, how I got to this point, and quite honestly the answer is simple.

Hubris, that's what got me here.

See, throughout high school I never had to try to get good grades. I was in all AP and Honors classes, I never studied, I sometimes paid attention, and I did my homework and projects at the last minute, and yet I made good grades. Not only did I pass, I wound up in the top quarter of my class, it wasn't a challenge for me. Off I go to college, and my Freshman year was a breeze. I just repeated what I did in High School and I made decent grades, I ended it with a 3.2. Then, my Sophomore year started.

The first semester of this year was really tough for me. I took heavy load classes, got involved in a show, and got dumped hard, I kind of just snapped and shut down, which heavily affected my grades and thus my GPA. This semester though, it wasn't like that. I got prideful, and lazy, and went 'Oh, I'll just read the chapter and be done with it'.


I didn't study, I went to class at about a 50 percent rate, I half-assed my homework and basically just assumed that because I'm smart, I could be lazy. That bit me in the ass. By the time I realized that I had fucked up, I was done for. It was too late. My academic arrogance bit me in the ass, and my lack of self-discipline really killed me. This whole experience has been a wake-up call, it has given my whole academic career a new sense of gravitas, because honestly I haven't been taking school as seriously as I should.

It has hit me that I MUST cultivate self-discipline, initiative and to not assume that I don't need to study. To be humble when it comes to school and assume that I will fail any test I take, therefore making studying an imperative. I have a game plan now, I know what I MUST do. This isn't a game, it ain't a joke.

I've got it sorted out, and I've got a plan of action for the Fall semester (assuming my dad qualifies for co-signing by then.) This won't happen again.

I'm done fucking up, time to get serious and bite the bullet.

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