Friday, February 15, 2013

Worship the Gods (Θεους σεβου)

(DISCLAIMER: I do not claim to be an expert on anything. I'm merely giving my opinions and interpretations as I see them as being applicable. We are not an absolutist faith, nor do I personally regard the Maxims as "infallible"  hence why I see the need to update things to a modern equivalency)

Maxim:  Θεους σεβου or "Worship the Gods"

Modern Interpretation: Worship the Gods.

This is another maxim which I can see no alternate interpretation or translation. Worship the Gods, simple as that. I know there are many people who scoff at that "Worship?" they exclaim "I work with the Gods, I'd never lower myself to groveling and simpering before the Gods." I have seen something along those lines time and time again, and that is just evidence of some sort of trappings from the Christian culture we grow up in.

Worship has nothing to do with sniveling like a terrified babe and talking about how worthless you are. Worship isn't groveling and simpering, begging for scraps. Worship is approaching the Gods purely, humbly, and recognizing that (to reference another maxim) you are mortal, they are a God. It is singing songs to the God, making offerings, pouring libations, it is doing things to honor that God. It is dedicating your performance to Dionysos, it is dedicating an Adopt-A-Spot to Demeter, it is making a donation in the name of a God. All these things, these are worshipful acts. These are acts of humility and recognizing that there are beings greater than yourself, and being thankful and grateful for their presence in your life.

That is worship.


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    1. I'm glad that you agree! I appreciate you taking time to read my ramblings!

    2. they're not ramblings , they are very wise words :)


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