Tuesday, April 16, 2013

The Birds Know

I woke up early this morning. I wandered into the kitchen, and through our still open window (I must have forgot to close it) the wind gently blew, bringing with it a certain smell. A smell that anticipates rain. I was reminded of Zeus and Hera. The blessings and nourishment that the rain brings to the Earth, how wind necessitates it.

Sometimes I like to just sit and count the blessings I have received from the Gods. What do I have? A lot, I have food in my belly, I have a house over my head. I have a wonderful boyfriend, I have a solid best friend. I am relatively healthy, I'm able to get an education, I'm able to walk the streets safely. Sometimes I can afford books or nicer things. Hell, being able to give offerings to the Gods is in of itself a blessing.

The most recent gift I've received, is that light consultation of birds, the little bits of wisdom they offer, and that I snatch up greedily, hungry for answers.

I gleaned something, the chattering, the distractions, the different draws to different calls, they are needed. I also discovered, from the signs, that my faith needs some sort of compliment. Something to support and build.

I had been needing this.

I'm going to be upfront. I was having some strong doubts about my commitment to Hellenismos. Not because of my faith in the Gods, but a variety of myriad and sundry issues which I won't go into detail here. The point is, I was uncertain, and more than a little worried about what direction I should go in. So I consulted the birds.

I heeded their 'words' (orthinomancy relies heavily on the actions of the birds, but their calls too sometimes). I just need something to support and compliment my Hellenic practice. Does this mean I'll be syncretic? I dunno, maybe. Does it mean I'll be dual tradition? I dunno, maybe. Does this mean I'll pick up on one of the various branches of Hellenismos? I dunno, maybe. I've got a lot of reading to do, I know that to be a certainty though.

The Gods have given me many blessings and a lot of guidance. I'm thankful for it all.

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