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I dislike duotheism

Now for the reasons why.
The first reason is that it is merely a modification of Monotheism. Duotheism is simply a monotheistic viewpoint converted to a Hindu like view of deity separated into "Lord and Lady" or "Horned God and Mother Goddess" aspects, each one encompassing various feminine and masculine aspects. While this may not seem like a problem to many people, it ultimately is an *issue* because it creates the problem of "everyone else is wrong". While this may not be an actual statement applied by followers of such a theology, it is basically implied and causes little room for debate or conversation on deity because there can be no conversation on deity. Deity is either "Lord and Lady" or it isn't, simple as that. They may worship in many aspects, but the end schema is the same. Two supreme forces, one "Male" and one "Female".

The second reason is due to the fact that there is an imbalance in worship. In theological terms they should be honored equally, however practitioners of duotheism tend to venerate the Lady over the Lord, and as such ultimately venerate feminine qualities over masculine ones. It creates an inequality of Gender in mental schemas (which I believe in avoiding) and causes us to look more in terms of gender as being vital as opposed to simply being a thing which is. Feminine qualities are venerated over masculine qualities. Which encourages men to distance themselves from their own masculinity. Feminine traits are prized and feminine processes (such as menstruation and birth) are considered wonders and divine experiences that are to be treasured. This would be perfectly fine if it didn't result in the exclusion of men in many instances, after all Dianic Wicca exists and no one bats an eye, but let us say that there is one for men alone (well, other than the Minoian Brotherhood, but they also have a Minoian Sisterhood, both groups which are focused upon Gay and Lesbian individuals respectively) and it would likely be looked down upon.

The third reason builds on the second, it has led to a new kind of Monotheism, one in which a ubiquitous Goddess is worshiped, and women are sine as expressions of her divinity, with all Gods being seen  as constructs and not actual divinities. The first problem with this is the fact that, just as worship of a monotheistic God encourages sexism, worship of a monotheistic Goddess encourages sexism. Duotheism was the key to this movement really taking root, just as Monolatrism was the key for a monotheistic God taking root, video on that here. In addition to the inherently sexist nature of an ubiquitous Goddess, we run into far more theological problems with it, which are nearly identical to those related to monotheism, in addition to a few extras (what caused Gods to be worshiped? What overthrew the matriarchy? Why is there suffering? etc etc)

The fourth reason should be outright obvious from the previous reasons. Duotheism encourages sexism and encourages people to view Masculinity and Femininity as having certain inherent associations. The Feminine is often viewed as nurturing and caring, whereas the Masculine is seen as protective and aggressive. It also reinforces the notion of males being disposable as the year of the wheel is a story generated to tell about the two divine beings, which results in the God dying and being replaced by himself whereas the Goddess never dies nor even truly ages (in the wheel of the year story, not in the moon story). Thus, the theme of males being replaceable becomes most evident because the Goddess will always bare another God to replace the one who died.

Comments? Thoughts? Wanna tell me I'm wrong and stupid?
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  1. I agree with many of your points, and I have many of the same issues. I have always viewed the Wiccan deities as ancient representations of all deities. To call on the Horned God or the Mother Goddess is to petition them all at once as one but as many. So I am not sure if I view them as actual deities, or as epithets to the entire polytheistic pantheon that I work with.

  2. there are no such thing as a "Wiccan deity" wiccans take deities from other pantheons , mainly celtic in origin. it pisses me off when "Dianic wicans" claim Diana and a "wiccan deity" No its not, Diana is a Roman Deity ..NOT WICCAN..this is why i do not like it when wiccans (ecclectic or otherwise ) claim deities form other pantheons and label them as "Wiccan Deities" . Another mistake "wiccans" tend to make is that they view All Gods as One God and all Goddeses as one Godess..No all Gods and Goddesses are individual and different in their own right. I do not view Aphrodite the same as Venus , neither Odin the same as Zeus etc...

    1. Effectively, I see the Wiccan conception of the "Horned God" and the "Mother Goddess" as being Wiccan Deities really, or as they may call them the "Lord and Lady" are effectively Wiccan deities, but I do agree that Gods such as Odin and Aphrodite are not "Wiccan Deities". Wiccans do have a conception of the nature of deity though, which is what I'm talking about here.


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