Monday, March 11, 2013

Lesson 18: Community Resources Part 2

1) Do you know of any lists, boards, etc. that are supportive of our religion?
2) Have any of these forums been particularly helpful to you in learning about
Hellenic polytheism?Do you know other lists that you think should be included
here for the next class?

1) Well, aside from the ones mentioned I know of a facebook page called Hellenic
Devotion which I co-admin, I am the moderator of r/HellenicPolytheism on reddit
as well. Aside from those two, ADF is supportive, but they definitely aren't
reconstructionists, and there are always the jillions of blogs out there as

2) Honestly, when I first started digging into stuff they were more harmful than
helpful. The folks at scared me away for a bit, and caused me to
go through a fairly rough time, which Cara thankfully helped to rectify.
Overtime, I've learned and gotten a better grasp on those people that are toxic
and those that are constructive, and that is when the forums and web groups have
started to be more constructive than harmful. I am completely biased, but I
really do think that r/HellenicPolytheism could be helpful to some folks.

The internet is a strange place


  1. love the cute tiger squirrel :) loved the blog too and i totally agree that seems to burn everyone it comes into contact with!!

    1. It really isn't the best place for newbies, and even more experienced folks it is probably not ideal for. The only people that it attracts (in my opinion) seems to be those folks who despise Wiccans and Neo-Pagans, etc.


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