Thursday, March 28, 2013

Bad Dreams

I've been having bad dreams lately.

Mind you, I have several dreams a night, but for about a week now one of those dreams has always involved one of two characters. Now, they don't actually have names, but I've given them names.
The first character is Dog-God. He isn't a gentle, happy, friendly dog. He is the God of Dogs, he is ferocious, he is terrifying and territorial and defensive, but he can be gentle and kind too. He is very ancient, and very protective of his charges. He may appear as a wolf or a dog of any sort. The other character is the Divine-Bitch, she is the consort of Dog-God. She, like he, can appear as a wolf or dog and carries many of the same traits. Sometimes she has pups with her, sometimes she doesn't.

I've been having reoccuring dreams about these two characters. Unpleasant dreams usually. I'm being chased and hunted down by them, or I'm in a position where I have to fight them off. They are ferocious, and terrifying in all of their grandeur, and it is seriously messing up my sleeping habits. I keep tossing and turning (at least, if the state of my covers is any indicator), waking up just before these Divine Canines snap me into two pieces.

The dreams involving them aren't always bad though, for example, in one dream Dog-God brought back to life my Chihuahua that has been dead for several years. That was a pleasant dream.

Mostly though, they are unpleasant, and wholly because it is causing my sleep to be unrestful.

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