Sunday, March 10, 2013

Lesson 17: Community Resources 1

1. Check out your local resources and discuss them.
2. How do Hellenic Reconstructionists interact with other Recon or non-Recon pagans? Are there any other Recon groups (Asatru, Celtic Recon, etc.) in your area?
3. What are some of the advantages and disadvantages of getting involved with eclectic or pan-pagan groups? What experiences have you had, good or bad?
4. If you have a local Demos, what does it offer to the local community?

  1)      My local resources mainly consist of the CUUPS group which I attend every now and then. While I don’t necessarily share their practices, the people there have given me some lovely advice and have been instrumental in me effectively cope with the struggles that come with being a very, very, very small faith
  2)      Most Hellenic Reconstructionists tend to be very hostile towards Neo-Pagan groups (I have noticed) and tend to be cordial towards Hindus, Asatru, CRs, and the like. I think we might need to modify this schema at some point in the future as it has been a driving force behind us obsessing over folks *personal* practice being “Hellenic enough” while neglecting the fact that Hellenismos is largely group practice and world view. It has caused us to get agitated over things like magic and worshipping non-traditional deities such as Susano or Freyja. These are irrelevant. As for groups in my area, I know there are some Asatruar in Dallas and some CRs in Houston. There are Hellenists scattered throughout the state, but largely concentrated in the DFW metroplex. 

  3)      The advantages are pretty broad, you get in with various pagan groups, you raise awareness about Hellenismos, and you get to alleviate some loneliness. The raising awareness part is especially vital, I didn’t even know Reconstructionism existed at first and thought it was just a fantasy in my head.  The disadvantages include social stressors due to often radically differing opinions, and the possibility of enhancing feelings of loneliness by feeling alienated from the group. It may also sway some more malleable members from forgoing reconstructionism for Eclecticism, which I have seen happen on a couple of occasions. Overall, I’d say it is more of a boon than a bane to get involved with the Pan-Pagan community. After all, we won’t grow by just tending our own fires, we need to let people know we are a valid, fulfilling, and wonderful option. 

  4)      Right now Xenia doesn’t technically offer anything to the community, however we are currently in the process of organizing some service projects with other groups and amongst ourselves.

A participant at Xenia's recent Libation to Hephaestus

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