Thursday, March 7, 2013

Lesson 15: Athenian Rites of Childhood and Adolescence

1) Would you want to involve your family in rites like the ones described here?
2) What compromises might you need to make, or how might you have to educate your family beforehand? What aspect of this would be the most challenging for you?

1) I would like to involve my immediate family (my brother, sister, and dad) in the appropriate rites of passage for any child that I might have, but I wouldn’t be horribly heart-broken if they refused. I would just be extremely disappointed. My extended family would not be invited as they are all Evangelical Christians and think that simply believing in the wrong version of Christianity condemns you to Hell. 

2) I would simply explain how, and why what is being done is being done, I would explain proper behavior, the importance of purification, things of that nature. The only truly difficult thing for me would be getting my sister to understand the entirety of things, and why they must be done as they are done. She has a hard time grasping concepts such as “traditionalism”, “piety”, and “marking time.” She isn’t one for abstract thought, so it’d be a bit tough to get her to understand everything properly. 

I too, was a baby once.

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