Friday, February 15, 2013

Lesson 4: Nature Divinities

This one took a bit longer than most due to my wanting to finish Greek Religion before I began answering the questions! It was the right decision I think.

1. Research the mythology surrounding one of the heroes: Herakles, Akhilleus, Theseus, Perseus, or another of your choosing. What was that person's lineage? What makes them a hero? How do they relate to the Olympians?

2. How do Nature Divinities and Heroes fit into your worldview? Are They worshiped? Do you give offerings to Them? If yes, why are They important to you, and if no, why do you not include Them in standard worship?

11)      I selected Ganymede. His parents were Tros and Kallirhoe and what apparently made him a hero was being so beautiful that Zeus wanted to steal him away and make him a cup-bearer. Of course, Zeus gave a fair price in exchange for the boy and made him immortal and gave him eternal youth, and according to Theoi may be the God of Homosexual Love and is a playmate to Eros and Hymenaios

22)      They fit into my worldview, but I don’t give them as much honor and reverence as I should. The Heroes I give slightly more respect and honor to than I do the Nymphs, but Heroes are easier to remember. How do I remind myself to pay homage to the nymphs who have made themselves known to me? The heroes are important in very obvious ways, they’ve done great things or have in some other way attracted the attention of the Gods and/or their communities so that they are revered as heroes, but the nymphs are different.  It can be easy to forget about the nymphs in our own communities, but they are there, and they are protecting the land as best as they can, and making it as bountiful as they can. Don’t they deserve some respect and honor, and dare I say protection as well? I think they do, and I’m hoping to cultivate more respect and a stronger relationship with them. 



  1. great post really liked it, short and sweet too :) may blog about the same questions and make reference to this blog :) if its ok with you :)May the gods bless you

    1. Yeah of course! I suggest joining if you want to get the fullness of everything!


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