Saturday, December 15, 2012


We sit here.

Another shooting as occurred, this time it is exceptionally tragic to us. Why? Because it was children involved. Targeted, perhaps, as the majority of the slain were between 5-10 years old.

We are scared. We think "that could have been my kid". For a few people, it was their kid. We think "That could have been my brother." For a few people, it was their brother. We grieve by proxy.

We sit here, scrambling for a way to cope with these feelings. Some of us lit candles last night, some of us are praying, some of us are getting angry. I've seen some Pagans "working magick" to help "soothe the grief." All of these things, they are to make us feel better. They won't bring back the children, they won't soothe the grief of the survivors, and they won't erase the horror or scars from the minds of the children who suffered.

No, it is an act of selfishness ultimately, a way to cope with the fear, and despair that many are feeling. This is okay, but stop trying to pretend that you are doing it to "help" those involved. Pretending in this way, well, it is childish.

Those of us who weren't affected, we should be grateful.

Those who were affected, I won't even begin to pretend I can fathom the grief and pain that you are feeling. I simply can't. I only hope that you don't wind up living a life of fear because of this.

No one should live in fear.

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