Wednesday, June 12, 2013

One Year

It has been over a year since I've moved into this house of mine.

A lot has happened in that year.

In that year, I've begun to dig into my faith deeply, formulate opinions, and come to know my Gods better. I've erected shrines, I've struggled with doubts, and I've developed a fairly consistent daily devotional practice.

In that year I've come more and more comfortable with my own sexuality. I may have come out at 15 but it takes actually being with another man to grow comfortable with it. My dad found out I was gay in this time.

In that year I've been hurt by someone, I've been lied to and felt only what could be called a sense of betrayal. In this same year I've come to date and fall in love with an amazing man who I've had the pleasure of being with for 8 months now. The first person who I'm certain that cares about me as much as I care about them. The first person that I truly and wholly see myself going places with.

In that year I have learned how to manage money a bit better, even if a bit too late. I have learned to budget and correct and to minimize frivolous purchases.

In that year I have failed. I bombed my classes, I did terrible. My GPA went from a 3.2 to a 2.078 I've errored and I've lost aid, I've suffered from true burnout and a mild depressive episode. I've learned to pull myself up by the bootstraps and repair some damage (after all, the classes I made at least a C in are the classes that I salvaged within the month).

In that year I have succeeded. I auditioned for and got cast as the lead in two shows, I got lots of good comments on the first (sadly no one reviewed it) and on the second I got a good review. I completed my Hellenion Adult RE Classes, and I have managed to consistently post on my blog.

In that year I have learned that the kindness of friends and strangers is wonderful and intense and is something unexpected. I have learned that people who you least expect to help may help. 

In that year I have grown. Lets see what the next year of living here brings. I'm sure whatever it is, it will be grand.
(photos not listed chronologically)

My first 'altar'

Libation to Hephaestus


Dionysia ta Astikia

Shrine to Athena

Me as Adam and JP Cano as Serpentem in 'Adam and Eve in the Garden of Delights, or Love'

Me as John Merrick in 'The Elephant Man'

Me as Cú Chulainn and Roq Hodges as Loch at D-CUUPS Beltane Ritual

My kadeuceus

My backyard

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  1. Great blog there , really loving the photos too :)Love reading your blogs, very inspriing, especially your Helleion RE classes


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