Friday, August 10, 2012

About Me

Seeing as I have never posted anything before, I figure it would be appropriate to include some basic information about myself.

Simply put, I'm someone of very little importance. I am a college student (Sophomore starting August) and I am studying to be a Theatre Arts teacher. I'm gay, play way too many video games, and rather boring I believe. I grew up in an extremely impoverished family and as thus moved around A LOT. I have met a lot of people, lived in a lot of climates, and have had to grow up rather quickly in many regards. My mother died when I was seven, and my father failed in his role as dad. I have one brother and one sister as well, and am currently residing in North Texas

Another simple thing. I'm starting this blog to
1) Grow as a writer. I need to gain some experience and ability in writing, and this is hard to do outside of a classroom setting. I want to be able to communicate effectively to others and I see starting a blog as a perfect outlet to do this
2) To document my spiritual journey. I have been a Pagan *officially* for under a year, but I have been interested in it for a number of years and have been reading off and on. I am starting the Order of Bards, Ovates, and Druids curriculum fairly soon, and see this as a way to not only document my experience and journey for myself, but also document it for others. I figure someone could find it useful, but just maybe

To be honest, I'm not 100% sure yet. I worship the Greek Pantheon and have had some very strong experiences with Athena, but I'm not sure if I want to walk a path of Reconstructionism(this is what my current practice is closest to), Druidry, or neither. Honestly I see myself taking a more syncretic approach as I learn more about Druidry, seeing as I also feel myself drawn towards the Celtic pantheon (and a vast majority of my ancestors came from Ireland, so go figure!) As for my view on deity, I am a hard polytheist. Since I could talk for quite a while as to why I am, I will simplify it down to this, I have had experiences with multiple deities from two pantheons, and thus view each deity as a distinct being. I believe in Ancestor veneration, as well as working with the spirits of ancestors. Magic, totem animals, and the like I'm not sure on yet. Time and experience will tell.

A short introduction.
Hope you'll continue to read.

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A young man living in North Texas. He is an actor, a Hellenistos, and a proud member of Hellenion.