Wednesday, March 13, 2013


I took a puff. Just an E-Cigarette, nothing too nasty or harmful.
I exhaled it quickly, a cloud of smoke came trailing out, in a rush towards my computer screen, then dispersed throughout the air.
I took another puff. This time I let it slowly trickle out of my mouth at its own pace, flowing out like smoke from a campfire.
I took another puff. Now, I did not let it out of my mouth, but rather, out through my nostrils. The flavor, is mint, and it leaves them feeling open, refreshed, gentle, alive.

Something feels right about the smoke, the image it creates. The sight of it, the feeling of inhaling. I find myself wishing I could get something without the nicotine, in it, something that will just let me inhale, and exhale smoke.

I continued watching the smoke, watched it tendril. form shapes and forms before dissolving away. I've been thinking for months now, about who I am. At my core. What I will be. Where I'm going. Longer than a few months I suppose, a lot longer, but it has been building these past few months.

There is a fire in me. I can't help but wonder, is my passion, my desire the expression? Or is it the fuel?

Only one way to find out.

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