Friday, March 8, 2013

Lesson 16: Athenian Rites of Death

1)  Do you have a will?

2) Have you spoken to friends and family about your wishes after death?

3) Is it important to you to have Hellenic rites performed?

1)      No I do not, mainly because I am 19 and not anticipating dying anytime soon. I know that I COULD die at any point technically, but the probability is pretty low, so I haven’t seen the need to make a will yet. Plus, I have no assets, and the person who would pay for the funeral at this point would be my grandparents. They wouldn’t tolerate anything but a Christian funeral, so it would be pretty useless for me to have a will at this point.

2)      Only passingly, and not too seriously. Mainly we have talked about what it would be like to die, and whether we want to be cremated or buried, stuff like that. Nothing too serious yet.

3)      At this point in my life, I would say it is very important, hence why I’m trying to put off dying until I can “die properly”. I know it can be kind of expensive, and I’m not sure of if I’ll be able  discharge the duty to a family member so hopefully I will cultivate some strong friendships between now and death.  

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  1. nice short blog, will answer the same questions on mine too as a "filler" lol, thanks for the idea :)


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