Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Pagans Place Mortals Over Gods

Teo Bishop has written another post today. There is one thing I want to extract from it.

"I believe that we’re all connected. I believe that the human heart is king, and that the focus on the divine over the human is a mistake. I believe it’s backwards to establish a religion that’s based on the gods first, because we are human, and the act of being human is all we have to reference."

And therein lies the biggest problem and biggest difference and the reason why I don't like the Pagan community often times.

They put themselves first, themselves as the highest player, then the divine gets to ride shotgun.

I personally don't think a lot of religions should be about the self primarily. It is about the Gods and I have mad respect for Catholics and some branches of Christianity because they are so devoted to their God. They cherish it, they revel in it, and it is wonderful and beautiful. Hindus revel in their Brahma. Focus on deity over man is a beautiful, beautiful act of letting go. It is an act of acknowledging that you aren't the biggest player, and that is humbling and wonderful.

And not to mention he did the Pagan equivalent of Godwin's Law pretty dang quickly ( which is comparing a pagan to a monotheist. )

Truthfully, I haven't read Teo's stuff for a bit. He changed after PantheaCon, he realized that he is a Big Shot and started ignoring people more, and his attitude just changed. It really disappointed me truthfully.

And Teo, the little p pagans put the Gods above themselves. You are a big P Pagan.

I'm truly disappointed and disenthused with what has happened in the community these past few weeks. This is kind of just the cherry on top.

I'm severely disappointed. I don't belong here. I'm a round peg trying to shove myself into a pentagram shaped hole. It won't work.

Oh well.


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  2. It tells me that I post twice, and then deletes all of the comments. >:/

    The people that give genuine devotion and receive genuine inspiration, influence, love, and/or guidance from the gods are the people that I admire. It's so hard to believe in something strong when all of the world shakes.

    1. Yes, my comment module gets pretty hateful sometimes. It always posts everything twice, but I assure you, it only posted once and while fluctuate between appearing as one and two.

      Even if someone doesn't get a whole lot of inspiration from the Gods but who behaves piously that is a good thing. But eh, whatever *shrugs* People are going to do what they want to.


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