Tuesday, May 28, 2013


Ever since I can remember first seeing them, I have been obsessed with geisha.

Geisha at Party in Niigata by Zebrio on flickr 

I can't say why. I don't know if it is their elegance, the clothing, the grace, the beauty, I'm not sure. There is just something about them I love.

Geisha by Fidel Ramos on flickr 

They are a dwindling type of performer as far as I know, but they still have young women and girls joining their ranks.

Geisha Girl by TerryGeorge on Flickr 

And of course being a geisha is a popular Western fantasy.

Tourists dressed up as maiko by Tom Olliver on Flickr

Tourist dressed up as geisha by iwishmynamewasmarsha on Flickr

I pray that these performers never fade away from the Japanese landscape.

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