Friday, May 24, 2013

Do not Neglect Her

Aphrodite shows her grace and blessings in a number of ways. In the lingering gaze over your lover's body. In the sensation of another heart beating and pulsating against your chest, and knowing yours is doing the same. She shows herself in gasps during passionate sex between lovers and she makes herself equally known as you both lounge on a couch, watching trashy television.

Aphrodite shows herself in a number of ways.

When a John screws a prostitute, there is Aphrodite. In the affairs between a man and his lawfully wedded secretary we find Aphrodite, When the Mrs. Vanyack decides to screw the sweaty and strangely muscled plumber we find Aphrodite.

In heartache, we find Aphrodite.

Aphrodite has the ability to make your life beautiful or horrible.

Do not neglect her.

Aphrodite by Ian Muttoo on flickr

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