Monday, May 13, 2013

ANNOUNCEMENT: Starting up a station on BlogTalk!

Have you ever wanted to hear my soothing baritone voice tell you the story of the castration of Uranus by Kronos? If so, you are in luck! Starting June I will be launching a Radio Station dedicated to 1) Telling the stories of the Greek Gods (and maybe the stories of other Gods as the fancy hits me!) 2) and providing a voice, place, and resource for young pagans in the community.

Why young pagans?

Well, young pagans seem to be a rarity, with the majority of active pagans on the net, and in real life seeming to be between the ages of 30-50. This is even more so with Recons, I know quite a few reconstructionists and I can only think of two others who are under 25. Often times it seems like the young and/or inexperienced are afraid to ask questions and express their own thoughts and opinions. So, in addition to young Pagans this radio station will always be geared towards highly inexperienced folks of all ages. 

Now you may be asking 'Well Conor, aren't you young and inexperienced? How are you going to make this a resource for those people when you yourself are part of that group?' well, imaginary person, that is easy enough. I'm going to get folks on the show who want to discuss and elaborate on a topic, give a mini-lecture if you will, on a subject particular to their faith. I would like to get folks from many different faiths, especially reconstructionist ones. At the end of your 'lesson' we will open up the lines for listeners to ask questions and get you to clear things up for them. For speakers, I'm looking mainly for folks who have been of their faith for several years and who have a good handle on what they are talking about.

I'm planning for the shows to take place Sunday nights, with the stories taking place every 1st and 3rd Sunday and with the 'Lectures' taking place every 2nd and 4th Sunday, at least tentatively.

If you would like to be a speaker, send me an e-mail at

By young I am meaning 18-25ish age range. Not children necessarily. The shows will potentially be 18+ in language, but the lessons may be useful to Pagans with kids or something. I DUNNO. You'll just have to listen and figure it out (because trust me when I say I'll be winging this a bit too)

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