Friday, May 31, 2013

Revision of Schedule

So, there will be a SLIGHT revision for the schedule. This is my new schedule for the next 3 months

June 9th: Sannion
June 16th: Story Time
June 23rd: Story Time
June 30th: Grab Bag

July  7th: Speaker [To Be Determined]
July 14th: Story Time
July 21st: Story Time
June 28th: Grab Bag

August 4th: Aine Llewellyn
August 11th: Story Time
August 18th: Story Time
August 25th: Grab Bag

Grab Bag is a show which will be whatever I want it to be. People can call in, I'll play music, tell stories, ramble, it is just a show to have fun and get to know my listeners better.

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