Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Morning Routine

I have a morning routine.

Now, I know some of the Pagan community kind of shudders when the word routine. They go "Routine? But that gets boring!" or they make a face like this:

But a morning routine, it helps, and it is a sort of prelude to the rest of the day. How so? Well, allow me to explain my morning routine, and what it implies, reminds me of, and encourages me to do. Perhaps it will inspire to form a morning routine of your own


  • I thank the Gods for another day.
This reminds me that it is truly a gift to wake-up to live another day. There are so many things in this world that can end your life unexpectedly and suddenly, from car-wrecks to blood-clots in the brain. Every day which I get to continue my existence is a gift indeed. Every day that I wake up in a bed, with a shower to take, clothes to wear, coffee to drink, and food to eat, this is a gift, a privilege that many people don't have and I am grateful to it. Thanking the Gods shortly after waking for another day reminds me of how fortunate I am

  • I thank Helios for his existence
This one may seem a little strange to some people, but to me it is very important. Helios, is of course, the God of Sun (among a few other things) but it is a pretty safe-bet that the sun would keep shining regardless of if I gave thanks to Helios or not, but giving him thanks I have found very important. The Sun is a beautiful and wonderful gift, it sheds light on the Earth and nurtures our plants. Those of us who have Seasonal Affective Disorder often eagerly await and delight in the longer days coming about. The Sun gives us a ton of gifts, every day, consistently and always, so it only makes sense to give the God of the Sun a bit of thanks every morning. It also reminds me of another aspect of Helios, it reminds me of the Oaths I have made, and the necessity of keeping them. Helios, due to his solar nature, is also a God who oversees oaths. Giving him thanks every morning keeps me in check and line with my own obligations.

  • I perform a devotional
This is the last thing I do in my morning routine. It moves my thoughts and mind towards the Gods for the rest of the day, and helps me remember what I stand for, what I strive for, and what I want out of life. It also reminds me of a certain focus for the day, or a certain hope. Apollon makes me think of how wonderful it is to not be sick, a day that begins with Dionysus is often a day that I expect to be acting, Athena reminds me to be studious, and Hermes reminds me of how wonderful it is to not be hit by a car while walking to class. This is the last act of my morning routine, but it ties things together for me. If I skip any of these three things, I often find myself feeling a tad disoriented, but even more so when I skip this part of the routine. It shows my gratitude towards these Gods, and reminds me of the honors due to them.

Sure, sometimes I go "ugh, do I have to do this? I wanna just go eat already" but something inside me goes "Yes, yes you do" and I've always felt the better for it.


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