Friday, February 1, 2013

Fun Day: Project announcement, a funny comic, and a pretty song

So basically that just means on Friday's post I post whatever I want.

First, an announcement! I've decided that I'm going to be starting a series on the Delphic Maxims soon. I personally feel that every Hellenist should (at some point) examine the Delphic Maxims and apply them to our own life. I intend to give a "modern equivalency", what it means, and where it might be misapplied.

Second, this. This reminds me of my Dad a lot. When I was in high school he always assumed I was trying to get with a girl anytime I mentioned one. Now that he knows I'm gay, he awkwardly waddles around the topic of my boyfriend. Ah, parental involvement!

Third, I'm absolutely crazy about Rejazz by Regina Spektor. I've had a few nasty break-ups like this, and if you are going through one right now, don't get too down. One day, you'll forget him or her.

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